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From 1997 to 2004 (Volume 1-Volume 8), letters to the editor were posted online, but not published in the print version of the Journal of Industrial Ecology. The letters and any subsequent exchanges are assembled here. Starting in 2005 (Volume 9), letters to the editor were published in the print and online versions of the JIE as part of the core content, which can be found on the JIE's pages in Wiley Online Library (see

Letters are posted for the following articles, listed by issue. Click on the feature title to see the exchanges.

Articles Under Discussion:

Letter in Response to Battery Council International Press Release

Volume 8, No. 3: Summer 2004

Industrial Ecology and the Automative Transport System
Arnold Tukker and Maurie J. Cohen
2 contributions, last updated 06/26/2009 

Volume 7, No. 2: Spring 2003

What Users Want and May Need: Insights from a Survey of Users of a Life-Cycle Tool
Patrick Hofstetter and Thomas M. Mettier
2 contributions, last updated 2004 

Comparing Products and Production in Ecological and Industrial Systems
Stephen Levine
2 contributions, last updated 2004 

Volume 7, No. 1: Winter 2003

Beyond the Food Web: Connections to a Deeper Industrial Ecology and Putting a Spotlight on Metaphors and Analogies in Industrial Ecology
Jonah Spiegelman and John Ehrenfeld, respectively
1 contribution, last updated 2003

The Biomass Metabolism of the Food System: A Model-Based Survey of the Global and Regional Turnover of Food Biomass
Stefan Wirsenius
1 contribution, last updated 2003 

Volume 4, No. 3: Summer 2000

Avoiding Co-Product Allocation in Life-Cycle Assessment
Bo Weidema
1 contribution, last updated 12/03/2001

Volume 4, No. 2: Spring 2000
abstract for original article can be found here 

Industrial Ecology as a Cultural Phenomenon
Frank Boons and Nigel Roome
1 contribution, last updated 06/12/2001

Volume 2, No. 3: Summer 1998

Indicators of Dematerialization and the Materials Intensity of Use

Cutler J. Cleveland and Matthias Ruth
1 contribution, last updated 6/14/1999

Talking with the Donkey: Cooperative Approaches to Environmental Protection
Kathryn Harrison
2 contributions, last updated 09/03/1999 

Volume 1, No. 4: Fall 1997

Book Review of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment edited by Mary Ann Curran
Reviewed by Edgar Hertwich
2 contributions, last updated 08/06/1998

Volume 1, No. 3: Summer 1997

A Life-Cycle Approach to Purchasing and Using Environmentally Preferable Paper: A Summary of the Paper Task Force Report
L. Blum, R.A. Denison, and J.F. Ruston
2 contributions, last updated 04/17/1998

Roundtable on the Industrial Ecology of Pulp and Paper
1 contribution, last updated 11/16/1998 

Volume 1, No. 2: Spring 1997

The Industrial Ecology of Lead and Electric Vehicles
L.B. Lave, C.T. Hendrickson, and F.C. McMichael
1 contribution, last updated 04/13/1998

Volume 1, No. 1: Winter 1997
abstracts for original articles can be found here 

The Industrial Ecology of Lead and Electric Vehicles
R. Socolow and V. Thomas
1 contribution, last updated 04/13/1998

Life Cycle Assessment: Constraints on Moving from Inventory to Impact Assessment
J.W. Owens
3 contributions, last updated 09/11/1997

Industrial Ecology in Practice: The Evolution of Interdependence at Kalundborg
J. Ehrenfeld and N. Gertler
2 contributions, last updated 12/17/1997 

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