Volume 1, Issue 4

Top Left: Frozen carbon dioxide pellets used in industrial cleaning process, eliminating need for use and disposal of potentially hazardous solvents. Photo credit: Cryogenesis.

Center: Disassembly line for dismantling and recovery of components and materials from end-of-life vehicles at BMW facility in Germany. Photo credit: BMW of N.A.

Bottom Left: Pipeline connecting industrial facilities in Kalunborg, Denmark for real time exchange and re-use of by-products. Photo credit: Jørn Brændgaard

Top Right: Exploded view of “Ukettle” hot water kettle designed for easy disassembly to facilitate repair, re-use, and recycling. Photo credit: Fitch Inc.

Bottom Right: Lead-free brass fitting developed to minimize lead occupational exposture during production and leaching of lead in water system use. Photo credit: David Johnson, AT&T.