Volume 11, Issues 1, 3, and 4

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Top: Oil from seeds of the common tropical shrub Jatropha curcas is extracted using a manual press fabricated in Tanzania. In addition to expanding use as biodiesel, Jatropha oil is a clean-burning alternative to woody biomass for domestic cooking and lighting, which slows deforestation and provides sustained income for farm families. Photo credit: Jonathan Otto.http://www.pamoja.net/

Center: An AeroVironment small-scale wind power system specifically designed for use in urban environments. The new building-integrated wind turbine——is designed to generate 400 watts of power and to be bolted to the parapet of a tilt-up concrete or pre-cast building. For enhanced performance, the unit can be tilted downward into a rising wind. Photo credit: AeroVironment, Inc.

Bottom: Hybrid Solar Lighting (HSL) technology uses rooftop, 4-ft-wide mirrored dishes that track the sun and focus the sunlight onto optical fibers. The fibers are connected to hybrid light fixtures that spread the light out evenly in a building to illuminate about 1,000 square feet. Photo credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory. http://www.ornl.gov/sci/solar/



Photos and captions were compiled by Eric Masanet, Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA.