Volume 6, Issues 1, 3-4

Top: Women lined up at a roadside tap in Tirupur, India. Water availability is expected to improve in Tirupur through the construction of a water recycling plant, established as a result of a materials flow analysis conducted among the local textile industries. Photo credit: Ramesh Ramaswamy.

Center: Timber salvaged from Lucin Cutoff Trestle over the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA is used for flooring, architectural timbers, and other applications. Photo credit: Utah State Railroad Museum. http://www.trestlewood.com/.

Bottom: Climatex® fabric designed by Rohner Textil AG, the McDonough Braungart Design Collective, and EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH. Award winning upholstery fabric uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, is biodegradable, and nontoxic. Photo credit: Albin Kaelin. http://climatex.com/.